Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally beautify

Luxury of natural skin care –

with natural, organic and biodynamic cosmetic products

Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally natural

Exceptionally high organic agent content.

More than 95% of the agricultural ingredients

originate from ecological farming.


Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally for everyone

Our products are recommended for both home and professional use,

for caring of all types of skin by providing a wide selection.

Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally unique

A vast array of unique formulas by using domestic

herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers

Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally high quality

Outstandingly innovative and quality products with

due regard to the international natural and organic cosmetics guidelines

Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally diverse

Over 240 facial and body cosmetic products under

the names EVERYOUNG Biodynamic Skin Care, BIOLA, NATURISSIMO, DR.BIOLA

Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally for all ages

For every age group, from the sensitive baby skin

to the successful mature skin

Products of BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd

Naturally domestic

The majority of the applied herbal raw materials

originate from Hungarian certified ecological farms.

About the company

Why are our products unique? Why is BIOLA especially natural?
Why choose us? Here you are the answers.

About the company

Past and present of Biola Our mission Background information and activities Products and useful information.


Scientific background, methods, results, experiences, on-going projects


Certificates of the products, Biokontroll, Demeter, ISO certificates to download


All you want to know about skin care. Our experts’ answers.


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Public access scientific and professional materials and articles related to our products


Background of Hungarian and international certificates. Why is BIOLA organic?


Dear Visitors

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Nuremberg - Nürnberg Messe Vivaness 2017
from 15.02.2017 to 18.02.2017 at hall 7 /407: DEMETER International area and at hall 7A /​451: BDIH/COSMOS area!

Two of BIOLA’s certified organic skin care products for home use are in the following Cosmopolitan magazine – Malaysian edition.


Invitation from BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd


10 – 13. February 2016  

Nuremberg FAIR, Hall 7A

Vivaness is an International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care We kindly invite you to visit our
exhibition (Hall 7A/ 7A-630) to get acquainted with our certified organic and biodynamic products
with high organic content. Old traditions are combined with cutting-edge research and technology
so that our customers can use the healthiest product family. You are welcome at our booth to test
our product samples for free during the fair where you can receive further details about the products.

Our products are designed for professional and home use.
For orders placed during the fair we provide you 10% discount.

Wednesday - Friday: 9 am – 6 pm 
Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm
Exhibition Centre Nuremberg 90471 Nuremberg

For further information please feel free to contact us.

Exhibitor profile

Home Skin Care

BIOLA developed its natural organic and biodynamic products by using the most modern dermatological and herbal scientific result as well as the knowledge of traditional medicine. The outstanding innovative products are all based on herbal origin together with their bioactive complex agents providing luxury skin care at a reasonable price. There is a wide range of products for face and body skin care for all skin types where everyone can find the most suitable ones for themselves.


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For dermatologists

Dr BIOLA product family for medical purposes and relevant professional information

For beauticians

Our professional natural cosmetic product family is recommended for all skin types and body treatments which are effective and comprise complete treatment programmes, trainings, lectures and shows.

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BIOLA beautifies naturally

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Beautifying naturally

We beautify naturally. Combining the most modern dermatological and herbal scientific result as well as that of traditional medicine we aim to achieve the fresh and silky skin feeling with the help of bioactive complex agents of herbal origin. We strive for supporting the long term and healthy way of beautifying by natural metabolisms, detoxifying and regenerating processes of the skin.


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