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An effective epidermis regenerating cream and hydrating bioactive complex which nourishes sensitive skin and can also be used as a regular facial day skin care. Application: apply a thin layer to the skin. It is recommended for dry and combination skins.


This skin brightening agent concentrate is absorbed extremely effectively which can be used for massage or ultrasound therapy. Application: apply a thin layer to the cleansed skin in the morning or in the evening.


It is a brightening and hydrating mask for sunlight sensitive skin which boosts your skin with -oxidants. It can be used for facial and body treatment.
Application: apply a moderate layer to the skin and rinse off with plenty of water after 12-17 minutes.


Nutrimax 3D Rejuvenating Activator

It is a concentrate of bioactive agents recommended for mature, dehydrated and nutrient deficient skin to boost vitality.

It contributes to the development of firm skin; it contains ginseng, fenugreek and red clover extracts which support skin vitality. Its multivitamin complex contributes to the recovery of the skin’s structure.

Application: apply a moderately thick layer as a rejuvenating treatment directly to the skin you want to treat below the day or night facial cream.

DOG ROSE SCRUB (150ml, 500 ml)

For combination and oily, problematic skins, it gently polishes the skin with ground corn. It contains glycolic acid and deeply cleanses the skin pores.
Application: Apply to damp skin in a moderately thick layer, massage it in using circular movements, and then rinse off after 15 minutes.

DOG ROSE MASK (150ml, 500 ml)

It is recommended for skins with large pores, for combination and oily skins; this mask calms the skin and harmonises its lipid metabolism. The biotin normalising oil and sebum production, vitamin E, the extract of strawflower as well as grapefruit seed oil all ensure excellent results.
Application: Apply a moderately thick layer to the cleansed target area, leave it for 18-20 minutes, then rinse off with water.

TROPICAL BODY PEELING (150 ml, 500 ml)

The bamboo granulate for effective skin renewal and polishing scrub, pineapple and the AHA fruit acids contribute to supply the skin with natural herbal agents of the mask. It is a collection of vitalising bioactive agents: fruits of passion flower and pomegranate, orange, pumpkin as well as jojoba and wheat germ oil. They help nourish the skin.
Application: Apply to damp skin using circular movements, then rinse off after 15 minutes. You can use it every week for all kinds of skin.

Herbaclean essential oil mixture

Application: Add 2-4 drops of oil to 100 ml water into the beauty steam machine.

Professional treatments

A short overview of our treatment programmes

You can find the entire range of the professional products in our webshop – once you gain access after registration.
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Dr. Viola Gyovai, accredited biologist [Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences] works on product development in the company with a team of 5 researchers. Agent and product development is based on 25 years of experience; the latest international toxicological and dermatological results are applied in our products. Besides the development of new products, our activities include the extention of our existing product families. The main activity of the former company focused on research development but the commitment to innovation remained a defining task despite the growth of the company.
We are able to implement on-site complex development and quality management tasks; we also have our own microbiological lab. Some of our products are dermatologically examined by the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at University of Szeged.

Hotels, Spas and Wellness

For Hotels

We recommend preparing the following natural and organic products for room service:

  • 1. NAT031 Power Up shower gel and shampoo in 30 ml tubes
  • 2. NAT069 Common agrimony shampoo in 30 ml tubes
  • 3. NAT009 Water lily shower gel-cream in 30 ml tubes
  • 4. NAT049 Pomegranate time defence body lotion in 30 ml tubes
  • 5. NAT047 Tea tree oil camomile shaving gel in 30 ml tubes
  • 6. NAT048 Herbadent toothpaste in 30 ml tubes
  • 7. BIOLA820 Lavender baby bath in 30 ml tubes
  • 8. BIOLA812 Organic fenugreek-apricot kernel oil night cream, 5ml

If you prefer a wall-mounted manual soap dispenser, the proper hand hygiene can be supported by

  • 9. NAT070 Lemongrass-eucalyptus liquid soap, in 5 and 10 liter containers

If you prefer a wall-mounted dispenser with shower gel and shampoo, we recommend NAT031 Power up shower gel and shampoo as refreshing shower gel and shampoo which we can deliver in 5 and 10 liter units.

For more information please contact us at

SPA and Wellness

  • We offer appropriate products in each product family for every skin type; that is why the professional natural cosmetic product family Naturissimo and professional organic cosmetic product family BIOLA and finally our special bathing products offer you the choice to develop any kind of individual treatment programmes. What is more, we can offer a special rejuvenating treatment programme for gents, body massage oils and aroma therapy bathing products for couples.
  • Application of Hungarian facial and body treatment products with high agent concentration are supported by individual SPA discounts.
  • All our training beauticians are at your disposal in case of any professional questions/queries. We also support free staff training so that our products can be used the most effective way.
  • If you are interested in retail of home products we can offer you consignment terms beginning from the verified BIOLA organic cosmetic products like facial day cream through sun protecting and bathing creams up to toothpaste, with the possible widest range of product selection. Furthermore, retail is supported by product testers, leaflets and brochures.
  • In addition, a course on successful product distribution is held for free to aid SPA staff.
  • For body treatments we offer a high variety of professional natural cosmetic product families including different types of massage oil, body scrub, mask, cream mask and body lotion.
  • For aroma therapy treatments, you can find massage oils and base creams of different natural cosmetic concentration in addition to the essential oil mixtures.
  • We can also offer professional products for seasonal treatment programmes including grapes, quince, paprika, rose, jasmine, pumpkin, plum, cherry, ribes, tomato and rhubarb. For detoxifying and alkalising treatments facial and body treatment materials are also available.
  • The products developed and produced by ourselves have successfully been used in hotels in the USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Hungary for many years.
  • For room service you can choose from 30 ml natural cosmetic quality products like shower gel (for ladies and gents), shampoo, shaving gel, after shave balm, hand and body lotion and baby bath.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

Treatment programmes

NATURISSIMO PROFESSIONAL spoiling body treatment for ladies:

Peeling (for damp skin) NAP763 Bamboo green clay body scrub 60 500
Massage NAP771 Jasmine-Ylang rejuvenating massage oil 120 1000
Body cream NAP767 Jasmine-Ylang Body Cream 60 500

Treatment duration: 60 minutes

Vetiver rejuvenating face treatment for gentlemen:

ActionProduct nameSUBSTANCE-NORM (ml)
1. Cleansing NAT006 Melissa liquid soap 1
2. Peeling NAP708 AHA quince peeling (on the unshaven part of the face) 5
3. pH balacing NAP725 Blackthorn - camomile tonic 2
4. Detoxification NAP712 Herbal detox mask 6
5. Nourishing concentrate NAP701 Nutrimax-DD with ultrasound 2
6. Hydration, massage NAP721 Massage Cream A-A. Lifting or 2 x 5
AP741 Nutrimax A-A. Hydration of oil and mineral water mixture 2 x 2
7. Nourishing mask NAP718 Pumpkin-milk thistle mask 5
8. Eye contour care NAP735 Anti-wrinkle eye contour cream (also as cream mask) 1
Compress on the eyes: NAP746 Linden nectar splash 2 x 3
9. Treatment finishing cream NAP799 Vetiver rejuvenating facial cream 1
10. Post treatment home care NAP744 NUTRIMAX eye contour cream
NAP799 Vetiver rejuvenating Facial Cream
NAT008 Witch hazel deodorant
NAT002 After shave balm
NAT023 Lip balm
NAT031 Power Up shower gel and shampoo
NAT039 Herbal hand and foot care balm
NAT047 Tea tree oil camomile shaving gel
NAT048 Herbadent toothpaste
NAT032 Hyssop paprika gel

Treatment duration: 70 minutes

BIOLA PROFESSIONAL, Organic Anti-Ageing Lifting Facial Treatment for dehydrated, fat deficiency, mature skin:

Cleansing BIOLA830 Organic coneflower facial cleansing milk 2 300
Peeling BIOLA834 Organic sea buckthorn peeling 5 100
Hand care BIOLA805 Organic linden hand and body lotion 10 150
pH balancing BIOLA828 Organic rose tonic 2 100
Nourishing concentrate BIOLA844 Organic herbavit concentrate (with ultrasound) 2 30
Hydration, massage BIOLA836 Organic cornflower massage cream 10 500
(Massage series in 3 steps) BIOLA807 Organic sage massage oil 5 300
Mask BIOLA857 Organic nigella anti-ageing cream mask 5 100
Meanwhile compress on the eyes: BIOLA861 ORGANIC cornflower calming splash 6 300
Eye contour care BIOLA855 Organic edelweiss eye contour cream1 30
Final cream of treatment BIOLA847 Organic houseleek coneflower balm 1 30
Post treatment home care BIOLA809 Organic quince stevia facial cream
BIOLA852 Organic jojoba yam facial cream
BIOLA812 Organic fenugreek - apricot kernel oil night cream
BIOLA813 Organic evening primrose coneflower eye contour cream
BIOLA855 Organic Organic edelweiss eye contour cream
BIOLA830 Organic Organic coneflower facial cleansing milk

Treatment duration: 75 minutes